Ås – Von oben herab pro-tape  (Nebular Carcoma)  $8   sample

Entity Unknown – Entity Unknown pro-tape  (Nebular Carcoma)  $8   sample

Primogenorum ‎– Damned Hearts In The Abyss Of Madness pro-tape  (Nebular Carcoma)  $8   sample

FROM FAR FROM… RECORDS:             11707810_841816119200691_7785213544941477032_o

Ethereal Mist / Odvas ‎– Adrift In Death’s Gaze / Obscure Levitation  (Far From Records, ltd 50)  pro-tape  [Ethereal Mist is a dark ambient project by Azathoth of Entsetzlich/Kryptus]  $5    sample (Ethereal Mist) **NOT FROM THIS RELEASE** sample (Odvas) **NOT FROM THIS RELEASE**

FROM SIGNAL REX:        SR     hod.jpg

Newest in stock:

Graveland ‎– In The Glare Of Burning Churches pro-tape  (Signal Rex, ltd 200)   $7

Graves – Unholy Desecration pro-tape  (Signal Rex)  $8  sample

Ordem Satânica ‎– Demónios Dos Primeiros Mundos pro-tape  (Purodium Rekords, ltd 100)  $8   sample

Unknown Artist – Unknown Artist pro-tape  (Signal Rex)  $8  sample

Zwarte Draak – Demo I pro-tape  (Harvest of Death)  $8  sample

Still available:

Concílio‬ – Concílio‬ pro-tape (Harvest of Death, ltd 100)  $8  sample

Degredo – Ás Portas da Noite pro-tape (Harvest of Death, ltd 66) $8  sample

Extirpate ‎– Demo MMXVII pro-tape (Harvest of Death, ltd 100) $8 sample

Funebrum – Damnatus Ad Mors Lentus pro-tape (Harvest of Death, ltd 50)  $8   sample

Holocausto em Chamas – Sermões da Montanha  pro-tape (Harvest of Death, ltd 100)  $8  sample

Lichtzehrer – … of Witchcraft and Folklore  pro-tape (Harvest of Death, ltd 66)  $8  sample

Μνήμα – Μνήμα pro-tape (Harvest of Death, ltd 66)  $8  sample

Μνήμα – The Remains of Human Bones pro-tape  (Harvest of Death)  $8  sample

Mons Veneris / Infernüs – Live At Invicta Requiem Mass, 29/10/16 pro-tape (Signal Rex)  $8  

Nox Insultum – Demo pro-tape  (Harvest of Death)  $8  sample

Ordem Satânica ‎– Monte Da Lua pro-tape (Signal Rex, second edition ltd 50 red tape) $8  sample

Prison Of Mirrors ‎– Unstinted, Delirious, Convulsive Oaths pro-tape (Signal Rex, De Essentia Diaboli) $8  sample

Ruach Raah / Wømb ‎– Perpetual Commitment To Death pro-tape (Purodium Rekords, War Arts Productions)  $8   sample

Trono Além Morte – O Olhar Atento da Escuridão pro-tape (Harvest of Death, ltd 100) $8  sample

Trono Além Morte / Vetala – split  pro-tape (Harvest of Death)  $8  sample

Vetala – Demo V pro-tape (Harvest of Death)  $8   (no sample)

Xzælthu – Xzælthu pro-tape (Harvest of Death, ltd 100)  $8    sample


Northern Malice // Somniac  tape  (Northern Malice)  $6  sample (Northern Malice)   sample (Somniac)

FROM THE THROAT:     throat

Newest in stock:

Anomaly – Morasco (I am Only One Man)  (The Throat)  pro-tape  [with one member of Disequilibrium] $8  sample

Conjuración Repugnante – S/T Compilation pro-tape  (The Throat)  $8  sample

Deathcircle – Unfair Relief  tape  (The Throat)  $7     sample

Mental Decay – Demo II pro-tape  (The Throat)  $8  sample

Phezulu – Rebirth of Forbidden Witchery pro-tape  (The Throat)  $8  sample

Seer’s Fire – Whispers in the Fire pro-tape  (The Throat)  $7    sample

Unholy Sacrament – Profane Apotheosis pro-tape  (The Throat)  $8  sample1  sample2

Vetëvrakh – Demo IV pro-tape  (The Throat)  $8    sample

Obsidian Dawn – The Call of Barbaric Past pro-tape  (Master of All Evil)  $8  sample

Turiacus Tenebris – Fogo Ancestral pro-tape  (Master of All Evil)  $8  sample

Tkivo – The Act of Voyeurism tape  (Black Ash Ritual)  $6  sample

Obsidian Forest ‎– Demo 2017 tape  (Rapacious Productions)  $8  sample

Belphegor – Daemonolatria tape  (Kaladruna)  $6  sample

Corpusculum – Echidna tape  (Kaladruna)  $6  sample

Corpusculum – Saducismus Triumphatus tape  (Kaladruna, ltd 50)  $6  sample

Irae / Black Command – The Immortal Circle of the Adversary tape  (Kaladruna, ltd 66)  $6  sample (Irae)    sample (Black Command)

Vazal – Woestenij tape  (Kaladruna)  $6  sample

Weemoed – Droommoord tape  (Kaladruna)  $6  sample

Ymesh ‎– Let Them Be Naïve tape  (Kaladruna)  $6   sample

Still available:

Arjen / Eeuwig – Gateway to the Monolith of Dreams tape (Kaladruna)  $6  sample

Ashen Chalice – Kada postanemo pepeo, kada prihvatimo smrt pro-tape (The Throat)  $8  sample

Disequilibrium – Material Substratum tape (The Throat)  $7  sample

Folteraar – Vertellingen van een donkere eeuw tape (The Throat)  $6  sample

Gedrocht – Stront tape (The Throat)  $7  sample

Grey Aura – 1: Gelige, traumatische zielsverrukking tape + poster  $7  sample

Hinder – Doodendraad tape (The Throat)  $7  sample

Huitzilopochtli – Demo I tape (The Throat)  $7  sample

Kaffaljidhma ‎– IV pro-tape (The Throat)  $7

Persklum ‎– Untitled tape (The Throat) $6  sample

Phlegmator – The Glorification of Satan tape (Independent)  $5  (no sample)

Pillar Tombs Of Aku – Pillar Tombs of Aku  pro-tape (The Throat)  $8  sample

Pogavranjen ‎– Raspored Užasa tape (The Throat, ltd 100) $6  sample

Schimmelduisternis – Kwaadaardig Zwart Geraas tape (Hateful Adoration Productions, unofficial)  $6  sample

Vestibulum Vacuüi – Boetekleed tape (The Throat)  $7  sample

Vestibulum Vacuüi ‎– Het Niets Onvernomen, Een Verzegeld Lot tape (The Throat)  $7  sample

Vreemdeling – Demo I tape (The Throat)  $6  sample

Vèrken ‎– Demo #1 tape (self released, ltd 33) $6  sample

Vèrken ‎– Demo #2 “Slush” tape (self released, ltd 33) $6  sample

Vèrken ‎– Demo #3 “Hedonism” tape (self released, ltd 33) $6  sample

Void Prayer – Stillbirth from the Psychotic Void tape (The Throat)  $7    sample

FROM EERIE SILENCE:                                       eeriesilence

Ärid – Omen VI tape (Eerie Silence)  $6  sample

Black Wilderness – Malevolent Animism tape (Eerie Silence)  $6  (no sample)

FROM WOLFSVUUR:                                                    wolfsvuur

Al Rinach 333 – A Tribute to the Funeral World (Wolfsvuur, ltd 70)  tape  $5  sample

Forgotten Cairns – South of Hell (Wolfsvuur, ltd 100)  tape  [with A Demon Sheen from Rakshasa]  $5  sample

Grab ‎– Plague… (Wolfsvuur, ltd 400)  tape  [with Wrath from Dodsferd/Nadiwrath]  $5  sample

Grafvolluth ‎– Black Metal Against Time (Wolfsvuur)  tape  [with Gamol from Megalith Grave]  $5  sample

Grand Beast Sodomy ‎– Raperehearsals (Wolfsvuur, ltd 199)  tape  $5  sample

HateHordes / Krypthall – At Noctis Fraternitae… (Wolfsvuur, ltd 60)  tape  $5  sample

Hour Of Thy Voyager ‎– Rite Of Passage; The Book I (Wolfsvuur, ltd 80)  tape  $5  sample

Kingdom Of Agony ‎– Visions Of A Blackened World (Wolfsvuur, ltd 100)  tape  [with Niflungr from Azaghal/Wyrd]  $5  sample

Matar – Tyhjät Lupaukset (Wolfsvuur, ltd 166)  tape  $5  sample

Matar – 2007-2008 (Wolfsvuur, ltd 100)  tape  $5  sample

M.Y.S.T. – The Night Is Ours, (That’s What Nobody Knows…) (Wolfsvuur)  tape  [with Famentas from Herxsebet/Krypthall]  $5  sample

FROM HUMANITY’S PLAGUE PRODUCTIONS:                                 L-382874-1380485411-1571.jpeg

Crimson Moon – To Embrace the Vampyric Blood pro-tape (Humanity’s Plague Productions, ltd 200)  $7  sample

FROM BEHOLD BARBARITY:                                                                 behold barbarity

Necrofulgurate – Putrid Veil double pro-tape boxset (Behold Barbarity, ltd 100)  $9  sample

FROM BLACK GANGRENE:                 bg

Enshroud – Demo IV  pro-tape   $8  (Black Gangrene)

Glorhme / Vénambre ‎– Tvuèrbe pro-tape (Kaleidarkness, Black Gangrene)  $8  sample

Kenopsia ‎– Desolate Radiance tape (Black Gangrene)  tape  $7  sample

Vanatur – Monuments of the Pagan Spirit pro-tape (Black Gangrene)  $8   sample

FROM HATEWORK PROPAGANDA:                                                   hatework

Immatura Morte – Principium Et Finis pro-tape with sticker (Hatework, ltd 88)  $8  sample

Nihil Invocation / Nyctophilia ‎– Season Of The Purest Decay pro-tape (Hatework, ltd 50)  $8  sample

Regnans – Land of Fire and Blood pro-tape with logo patch (Hatework, ltd 66)  $9  sample


Newest in stock:

Mardraum – Forlorn Spells double tape box  (Australibus Tenebris)  + A.T. button pin  $12  sample

Vrag / Mordstreich tape  (Australibus Tenebris)  $6  sample (Vrag)    sample (Mordsreich)

Still available:

Blood Ritual – Demo VI tape (Australibus Tenebris, ltd 100)  $6  sample

Dzarkdzaal – Demo III tape (Australibus Tenebris)  $6  (no sample)

Funerary Temple ‎– Lerderderg tape (Australibus Tenebris) $6  sample

Perseverance – Pathos tape (Australibus Tenebris)  $6  sample

Rattenkönig – Conjuration of Hate tape (Australibus Tenebris)  $6  sample

Rattenkönig / Salvation / Blood Ritual / Dzarkdzaal – Hymns from the Black Forest tape (Australibus Tenebris, ltd 150)  $6  (no sample)

Vergreuvbre – Hate Yoga  tape (Australibus Tenebris, ltd 100) $6  sample

Vespertine – Vespertine Returns (Demo II) tape (Australibus Tenebris, ltd 100)  $6  sample

Vrag ‎– Species Of One tape (Australibus Tenebris) $6  sample

FROM CRUENTUS:                             cruentus

Crowned Seraph ‎– Dracosathanas Pt. I tape (Cruentus) $6  (no sample)