Ctenizidae – Endless Decay in Putrescent Void       (Funeral Maelstrom, ltd 65)    $5.50

Screenshot (47).png

Macabre, aggressive and lo-fi black metal of the rawest caliber.

Second demo, limited to 65 hand-numbered black tapes.



Vengeance Sorcery – Witchdance Risingtape    (Funeral Maelstrom, ltd 100)      $5.50


New black/doom project by Deathwalker, for fans of Abruptum, Barathrum, Ride for Revenge, etc.

First demo on red tape, limited to 50 copies.

“For the fires of Beltane, May 1st.”



Nihil Invocation – Furthering the Depth of Lucid Madness    tape    (Funeral Maelstrom, ltd 100)       $5.50


New Nihil Invocation EP.

First EP on translucent purple tape, includes a cover of Vlad Tepes’ “Under the Carpathian Yoke”.


Spira / Swamp Temple    tape    (Funeral Maelstrom, ltd 50)       $5.50

Screenshot (70).png

First press on green tape.


Zpektraellotaen – Alone in Eternity, To Wander These Mystical Halls   tape   (Funeral Maelstrom, ltd 80)      $5


Third demo, includes a cover of Mütiilation’s “A Dream”.


Nightly Fog – Tenebrous   tape   (Funeral Maelstrom, ltd 66)     $5.50

projek fog tape

First demo released on black and white tapes.

full release


Megalith Grave / Nihil Invocation – Malicious Curses Reached in Drawing Night  tape   (Funeral Maelstrom, ltd 66)    $5.50


Second press on black tape.

full release


Nihil Invocation – Time And Death   tape  (Funeral Maelstrom, ltd 50)    $5.50


Second press on black tape. Covers used for Time and Death repress are scanned from the first Nihil Invocation j-card cut out which was saved and adorned with the, now faded, blood of Deathwalker.

full release


Spira – Elixir  tape  (Funeral Maelstrom, ltd 100)     $5.50

Screenshot (22)

New full-length on red tape.



Aite – Untitled I  tape  (Funeral Maelstrom, ltd 66)    $5


full release


Artifact of Skulls – Depraved Rituals  tape  (Funeral Maelstrom, ltd 66)   $5

Depraved Rituals

“Depraved Rituals is a compilation of the early recordings now ripped from the grave and reanimated for audial destruction. Angelrape Blasphemy is a previously unreleased Hymn of Miscreancy never intended to see the light of day, but now appears exclusively in Luciferian Conspiracy with Funeral Maelstrom.”

Compilation of I: Artifact of Skulls  (Demo 1), II: Calls from the Grave  (Demo 2), Heretic Wargoat Legion  (Demo 3), and two unreleased songs.

sample (Demo 1)

sample (Demo 2)

sample (Demo 3)

Hand-numbered, limited to 66 tapes.


Ctenizidae – Xulgrem  tape  (Funeral Maelstrom, ltd 48)      (OUT OF STOCK)


Mysterious one-man US project.

Hand-numbered black tape.

full release


Celtarpyros – Darkness Blood Harvest II  tape  (Funeral Maelstrom, ltd 33)    (OUT OF STOCK)

DBH II.jpg


Drekavac – Collection I  tape  (Funeral Maelstrom, ltd 100)   $5



more samples


Compilation of 20 tracks from 2010-2013.


Celtarpyros – Darkness Blood Harvest I  tape  (Funeral Maelstrom, ltd 66)   (OUT OF STOCK)



“From the Darkness of Conjuro another project from 2 of it same members
emerged from the Portuguese obscure underground a kaotic forged entity called Celtarpyros. An insane journey of the Luciferian Raw Black Metal crafted via the same eerie method as Conjuro and Raio Negro. Their first demo via Funeral Maelstrom with cooperation with Cruentus.”


Nihil Invocation – Traveling Sorrows of the Abyss CDr (Funeral Maelstrom, ltd 50)  + Nihil Invocation logo sticker + mini poster  $8 


30118843_2038150276428482_1910491954_n (1)



Nihil Invocation – The Valleys Green and Journeys Mourned tape (Funeral Maelstrom, ltd 60)      (OUT OF STOCK)


20180207_151937 (1)


Zpektraellotaen – In Confination of My Gestalt Hell tape (Funeral Maelstrom, ltd 40)  (OUT OF STOCK)

full release



Megalith Grave / Nihil Invocation – Malicious Curses Reached in Drawing Night tape (Funeral Maelstrom, ltd 66)   (OUT OF STOCK)

full release


First press on white tape.


Zpektraellotaen – Demo I – Possessed by the Loathing Specters at Dawn tape (Funeral Maelstrom, ltd 20)   (OUT OF STOCK)

full release



Nihil Invocation – Disease in Solitude tape (Funeral Maelstrom, ltd 50)      (OUT OF STOCK)

full release

disease in solitude.jpg


Baphometic Deathslaught – Baphometic Deathslaught tape (Funeral Maelstrom, ltd 50) $5


Baphometic Deathslaught - Baphometic Deathslaught


Spira – In Infinite Incarnations, I Dwell… tape (Funeral Maelstrom, ltd 100) $5


spira infinite.jpg


Nihil Invocation – Time And Death tape (Funeral Maelstrom, ltd 50)    (OUT OF STOCK)



First press on white tape.