Sulphuric Night – Arcane Monoliths of Triumphant Death   CD

Sacrilegious Crown – Compendium    pro-tape    (Night’s Coven)

Demo compilation tape.

Nihil Invocation / Nyctophilia ‎– Season Of The Purest Decay pro-tape (Hatework, ltd 50)      sample

Vestibulum Vacuüi / Mental Decay     tape                  sample

Rattenkönig – Conjuration of Hate tape (Australibus Tenebris)     sample

Degredo – Ás Portas da Noite pro-tape (Harvest of Death, ltd 66)    sample

A Knot Of Tongues – Calm Eyes Speak of Nostalgia   tape   (The Throat)      sample

Himelvaruwe – Zwaluwenvesting pro-tape     sample

Malleficarum ‎– Shadows From Walls Of Death  (Caligo Arcanum, ltd 100)  Pro-CDr digipack        sample

Obsidian Forest – …Corrupted…    tape   (Rapacious Productions)      sample

Aiqëhahirit – Rotten Chains of Torturous Past pro-tape     sample

Crowned Seraph ‎– Dracosathanas Pt. I tape (Cruentus)

Void Prayer – Stillbirth from the Psychotic Void tape (The Throat)      sample

Enshroud – The Emergence of Crawling Shadows That Lurk Within Your Festering Soul   tape   (Rapacious Productions)      sample

Trono Além Morte – O Olhar Atento da Escuridão pro-tape (Harvest of Death, ltd 100)   sample

Occelensbrigg – The Quest of the Star Mountain pro-tape

Obskuritatem – Pro Officio Mortuorum   tape

Black Cilice ‎– Banished From Time   CD   (Iron Bonehead Productions)      sample

Funerary Temple ‎– Lerderderg tape (Australibus Tenebris)   sample

Quellinghe / Mental Decay – Grandiose Suffering Eternal pro-tape      sample

Arjen / Eeuwig – Gateway to the Monolith of Dreams tape (Kaladruna)    sample

Vetala logo patch by Signal Rex (approx. 10 cm wide)

Nekrodrone – Demo IV   tape   (Independent)

Enshroud – Demo II   tape   (Rapacious Productions)      sample

Holocausto em Chamas – Sermões da Montanha  pro-tape (Harvest of Death, ltd 100)    sample

Albionic Hermeticism – Ancient Hermetic Purity  CD

Woeblood – War Totem pro-tape  (Hatework, ltd 50)           sample

Candelabrum – The Gathering (Altare Productions)   sample

Candelabrum – Necrotelepathy  (Altare Productions)   sample

Mons Veneris – Vastlands Of My Decayed Realm / A Maelstrom For Suicide  CD   (Black Gangrene)

Ordem Satânica ‎– Demónios Dos Primeiros Mundos pro-tape  (Purodium Rekords, ltd 100)     sample

Atrium Malum – Malignant Transcendence pro-tape  (Hatework, ltd 80)

Himelvaruwe – Het onkenbare pro-tape     sample

Tertiadvientvm – Ekimmu   (Caligo Arcanum, ltd 99)   Pro-CDr

Herxsebet – Ad Bellum   (Caligo Arcanum, ltd 333)    CD

Vestibulum Vacuüi ‎– Het Niets Onvernomen, Een Verzegeld Lot tape (The Throat)   sample

Immatura Morte – Principium Et Finis pro-tape with sticker (Hatework, ltd 88)    sample

Ulfednhar ‎– El Culto A La Eternidad De Las Almas Negras   (Caligo Arcanum, ltd 33)    Pro-CDr        sample

Aspergillum – Aspergillum     Pro-CDr        sample

Entity Unknown – Entity Unknown pro-tape  (Nebular Carcoma)    sample

Occelensbrigg / Spiral Staircase pro-tape

Mons Veneris logo patch by Signal Rex (approx. 10 cm wide)

Witchmoon – Vampyric Curse / Spectral Shadows  CD  (A Fine Day to Die, ltd 500)   sample

Zalmoxis – The Fiery Path pro-tape  (Nebular Carcoma)      sample

Swine Soul – Swirling Black Undulations of Past Psychotic Madness pro-tape (Hatework, ltd 66)    sample

Orgy of Carrion – Blood Washed Away the Grave Purity digipack CD (A5 digipack)  (Signal Rex)

Sanguine Relic – Bitter Reflection in Luminous Shadows digipack CD (4 panel digipack)  (Signal Rex)       sample

Rubedo Nocturno – O Grande Pai: Abismo Incriado pro-tape (Black Gangrene, ltd 100)  sample

Cer / Himelvaruwe – Tweeslachtigheid pro-tape  (The Throat)     sample

Dogman – In Torment I Die tape (The Throat)    sample

Zpektraellotaen – Possessed by the Loathing Specters at Dawn / In Confination of My Gestalt Hell pro-tape  (Perverse Homage, ltd 120)

Voëmmr – Nox Maledictvs  pro-tape (Harvest of Death, ltd 100)    sample 

Occelensbrigg – The Cosmic Winter State pro-tape (Harvest of Death, ltd 100)   sample

Faceless Entity – In Via Ad Nusquam tape (The Throat)   sample

Obscurité – 2007 – 2010 tape  (Lampshade Tapes)

Lampir / Witchmoon pro-tape (Black Gangrene)    sample (Lampir)      sample (Witchmoon)

Quellinghe – Demo II – Diuvalsmusike tape (The Throat)    sample

Lamentum – The Stature of Suffering pro-tape (Black Gangrene)    sample

Mons Veneris – Vastlands of My Decayed Realm – A Maelstrom For Suicide (Black Gangrene)    sample

Occelensbrigg / Stagnat – Aethere Sanguis  pro-tape (Harvest of Death, ltd 50)    sample (Occelensbrigg)     sample (Stagnat)

Atax – Atax pro-tape (Hatework, ltd 50)      

Gormanudr ‎– Old Path pro-tape (Sacrificial Sounds, ltd 100)    sample

Cer / Himelvaruwe – Tweeslachtigheid tape (The Throat)    sample

Mental Decay / Perceneus tape (The Throat)    sample

Obskuritatem – Vampirska Kakofonija pro-tape (Black Gangrene, reissue blood red tape)

Ordem Satânica ‎– Submissão Total double pro-tape (Signal Rex, ltd 100)    sample

Nihil Invocation / Funerary Temple pro-tape (Hatework, ltd 50)     sample

Sëmandjëtrurité ‎– Sëmandjëmendoré Ështënjë Njerëzimin tape (Independent)  [artist is also in Tmärrdhë and Vrasësimendur]  sample

Elegiac ‎– Black Clouds Of War pro-tape (Hatework, ltd 60)    sample

Ashen Chalice – Spells of Eternal Sleep Guide us Towards the Casket tape (The Throat)    sample

Espirito Aldebaran – Demo I pro-tape (Harvest of Death, ltd 50)   sample

Obskuritatem ‎– U kraljevstvu mrtvih… pro-tape (Black Gangrene, reissue white tape)

Hour Of Thy Voyager ‎– Rite of Passage, The Book II (Wolfsvuur, ltd 50)  tape   sample

Vrasësinerëzve / Kenopsia ‎tape (Black Gangrene)  tape   sample

Orgy of Carrion – s/t pro-tape (Black Gangrene)

Zemsta ‎– Behold the Veil of Necrotic Madness (Wolfsvuur, ltd 66)  tape  [with Famentas from Herxsebet/Krypthall]   (no sample)

Witchmoon – Spectral Shadows tape (Lampshade Tapes, ltd 60)   (no sample)

Lythany – Primeval Darkness pro-tape (Black Gangrene)    sample

Raio Negro ‎– Demo II tape (Cruentus)

Obskuritatem ‎– U kraljevstvu mrtvih… pro-tape (Black Gangrene, reissue white tape)

Obskuritatem – Vampirska Kakofonija pro-tape (Black Gangrene, reissue blood red tape)

Orgy of Carrion – s/t pro-tape (Black Gangrene)

Voyeur’s Blood – s/t pro-tape (Black Gangrene)

Vrasësimendur – Demo I – Vrasëspërtkh Keqen (Black Gangrene)

Mäleficentt ‎– Night of the Palemoon pro-tape (Harvest of Death, ltd 100)   sample

Goat Altar / Drekavac (Lampshade Tapes/Wolfsvuur, ltd 60)  tape    sample

Vraeck – Keldne Wart El Vende Vraecke pro-tape (Black Gangrene)  sample

Dräkavtré – Ghost of the Dracul tape (The Throat)   sample

Ärid – Harvesting the Toil of Flesh Beyond the Entombment of the Extinction That It Bore tape (Eerie Silence, ltd 50)  sample

Blood Ritual – Demo V  tape (Australibus Tenebris, ltd 100)   sample

Funerary Temple – Insidious Pale Ghost  tape (Australibus Tenebris, ltd 100)  sample

Triangulum – Collection 2008-2014 tape (The Throat)   sample

Cave Ritual – Cave Ritual tape (The Throat)   sample

Ärid – Tombs of Bewilderment tape (Eerie Silence)   sample

Order Of Darkness ‎– Vrej tape (Darker than Black)   sample

Virulent Specter – Condemned To The Rotting Twilight…  pro-tape (Black Gangrene)  sample

Ordem Satânica ‎– Monte Da Lua tape (Signal Rex, first edition ltd 100 black tape)   sample

Degredo – A Noite Deus A Temeu pro-tape (Harvest of Death, ltd 50)    sample

Óreiða ‎– Demó I pro-tape (Harvest of Death)  sample

Death Vomit – I tape (Black Gangrene)   sample

Møribvnd / Funerary Temple – Altars of Disease and Mortem pro-tape (Hatework, ltd 40)

Triangulum / Sloth  – split (independent)  tape  $6  (no sample)

Drekavac ‎– Death Ritual (Lampshade Tapes, ltd 33)  tape   sample

Funerary Temple / Megalith Grave – Forbidden Formulations Quenched in Embittered Anguish tape (Australibus Tenebris)   (no sample)

Goatblood – Rehearsal (2017) tape (Australibus Tenebris, ltd 88)   sample

Dolentia – Iniciacao Eversiva  (Altare Productions)   sample

Obskuritatem ‎– U kraljevstvu mrtvih…  CD  (Black Gangrene)  sample

Sulphuric Blood – Sulphuric Blood (Lampshade Tapes, ltd 33)  tape  sample

Occelensbrigg ‎– Old Winters Yet to Come pro-tape (Harvest of Death, ltd 48)   sample

Black Citadel – Ancestral Shadows pro-tape (Les Fleurs du Mal Productions, ltd 150)   sample

Conjuro – Vagueando No Lago Ardente Sobre o Dorso do bode Negro tape (Cruentus, ltd 39)   (no sample)

OCULTUÜM ‎– II-II-MMXVI Reh tape (Purodium, ltd 70)   sample

Trono Além Morte ‎– Revelações Nas Chamas pro-tape (Harvest of Death, ltd 100)   sample

Ärid – Neglect, Filth, Suffering…  pro-tape (Harvest of Death, ltd 50)   sample

Vanatur ‎– Landscapes Of Khor Virap  tape (Perverse Homage)  sample

Vor.ulkr – Vutroè Varbrège pro-tape  (Kaleidarkness, Black Gangrene)   sample

Obskuritatem ‎– U kraljevstvu mrtvih…  pro-tape  (Black Gangrene, ltd 150)   sample

Humnerë / Dräkavtré split pro-tape  (Black Gangrene)   sample

Moraš – Gaze Of The Void pro-tape  (Black Gangrene)   sample

Funerary Temple – Funeral of Cryptic Spirits pro-tape with cardboard cover (Hatework, ltd 66)

Orgy of Carrion / Cremantur – split  pro-tape  (Altare Productions, ltd 100)

Nihil Invocation – Chthonian Twilight Ritual (Independent, ltd 30)   sample

Himelvaruwe ‎– Gewrocht tape (The Throat, ltd 50)   sample

Sulphuric Night ‎– Last Wound tape  (Black Gangrene Productions, ltd 100)   sample

Ritual Suicide – Dirges At Carrion Dawn pro-tape (Black Gangrene, ltd 90)   (no sample)

Murmúrio ‎– Memento Mori Necrosóphico tape (Cruentus)

Ónefnt ‎– Demó pro-tape (Harvest of Death)   sample

Wømb / Milumet ‎– Our Souls Prayeth for His Black Salvation pro-tape (Purodium)

Dogman ‎– In Torment I Die tape (The Throat)  sample

Blood Ritual – Demo VI tape (Australibus Tenebris, ltd 100)  sample

Mons Veneris – Siblando com o Mestre Negro CD (Altare Productions, ltd 500)  sample

Ostots – Hil Argi CD (Altare Productions, ltd 500)  sample

Raio Negro ‎– Demo I tape (Cruentus)

Raio Negro ‎– Trevas E Fogo Negro Do Limiar Sinistro tape (Cruentus, ltd 50)

Humnerë – The Rites of Eternal Darkness tape (self released)

Adytum – Consecration CD (Frost and Fire)  sample

Artifact of Skulls ‎– IV: Brutalization of the Christ (Tour de Garde) tape  sample

Dräkavtré ‎– Ghost Of The Dracul (The Throat) tape  sample

Nigrum Ignis Circuli ‎– Ritual Of Sabbath Pt.I: LEJDA (Skull Productions) tape  sample

SAAC – The Quantum Consciousness (Wolfsvuur Records, 80) tape  sample

Forgotten Soul / Oppenheimer ‎– Necrotic Entities (Hatework) tape

Order of Darkness – Untitled (The Throat, ltd 50)

Gormanudr ‎– Old Path (Hatework)

Nigrum Ignis Circuli ‎– Ritual Of Sabbath Pt.I: LEJDA (Skull Productions)

Uškumgallu – Mortifying the Flesh (Vrasubatlat, ltd 100)  sample

Rigid Horns – Triumph of Pan (Wolfsvuur, ltd 400)  sample

Order of Darkness – Cosmic Tyranny (Altare Productions, ltd 66)  sample

Sanguine Relic ‎– Blood On Old Altars In Remembrance (Perverse Homage, ltd 50)

Sanguis Nigratum – O Diablo

Erakko / Saatana Hatiim – Split (Wolfsvuur Records, ltd 50)  sample

Rattenkönig – Conjuration of Hate CD (Frost and Fire)  sample

Rattenkönig – Cult of Rats (Australibus Tenebris)

Blood Ritual – Demo II & III (Australibus Tenebris)

Voltaic Omen – The Persistence Of Satan (Nekrogoat Heresy, ltd 50)

Zygmythkaupt – Demo VII (Groaning Casket, ltd 33)

Darkness Enshrouded the Mist – The Black Curses CD (Tour De Garde, ltd 500)  sample

Ärid – Harvesting the Toil of Flesh Beyond the Entombment of the Extinction That It Bore (Eerie Silence, ltd 50)  sample

Voltaic Omen – Nēkrösphrēnskhizēin  (Black Gangrene, ltd 100)

Dagger Lust – Aggramica (Vrasubatlat, ltd 200)  sample

Candelabrum – Necrotelepathy (Nebular Carcoma Records, ltd 100)

Adytum / Blood Ritual ‎– The Blood of Old Ceremonies (Crimson Ichor, ltd 100)

Megalith Grave – Embittered Isolation (Wolfsvuur Records, ltd 80)

Krypthall – Chaotic (Wolfsvuur Records, ltd 40)

Entsetzlich – Eternal Funeral Cries (Wolfsvuur Records, ltd 100)

Megalith Grave – Cursed in Ethereal Elapse (Defiled Light, ltd 25 copies)

Megalith Grave / Kryptus – Repulsive Envisions of the Light (Wolfsvuur Records, ltd 50 copies)

Adytum – Dead Souls & Clandestine Rituals (Demo III and IV compilation)   (ltd 100)  sample

Adytum – Ancient Ceremonies & Sacred Altars (Demo I and II compilation)   (ltd 100)  sample