Nihil Invocation ‎– Chthonian Twilight Ritual CDr  (Independent, ltd 80)  $7.50   sample

Atel ‎– Seeking Morbid Silence (Razed Soul Productions) $6  sample

Quasar – Awakening of The Forbidden Beast (Glorification of War, ltd 200)  $12  sample

FROM FINAL AGONY RECORDS:          final agony

Krüel Kömmando ‎– Synagoga Satanæ   CD   (Final Agony)    $10    sample

FROM A FINE DAY TO DIE RECORDS:                                         download

Warwulf – Echoes from the Past Long Forgotten…  CD  (A Fine Day to Die, ltd 666)   $12   sample

Blood Tyrant – Night of Blood Moon  CD  (A Fine Day to Die, ltd 666)  $12   sample

FROM BLACK GANGRENE:                 bg

Broken Spirit – Demo Collection 2012-2017  CD   $12  (Black Gangrene)

Mons Veneris – Vastlands Of My Decayed Realm / A Maelstrom For Suicide  CD   $12  (Black Gangrene)

Sulphuric Night – Arcane Monoliths of Triumphant Death   CD    $12 

FROM SIGNAL REX:                                                                                  SR.jpg

Albionic Hermeticism – Ancient Hermetic Purity  CD   $13

Black Howling – Return of Primordial Stillness  CD digipack   $14

Cripta Oculta ‎– Ecos dos Dólmens Esquecidos  (Darker than Black, ltd 1000)  $10  sample

Megalith Grave – From Effigies Past  (Signal Rex, ltd 200)  $12  sample

FROM CALIGO ARCANUM PRODUCTIONS:                                       

Krypthall ‎– Intolerance And Hate (Victory And The End Of Our Path)  (Caligo Arcanum, ltd 333)  CD   $10   sample

FROM ALTARE PRODUCTIONS:                                                            altare

Candelabrum – The Gathering (Altare Productions) $10  sample

Candelabrum – Necrotelepathy  (Altare Productions) $10  sample

Murmurio – Vampyric Stream of Adversity and Transcendence  (Altare Productions, ltd 100)  $10  sample