Paypal only. Shipping is $3 for USA customers. USA customers are prioritized for both the purchase of the more limited distro items and for when their packages get sent out, if this is an issue do not order (this is only due to the limited time I have, international packages take much longer to send)


No pre-orders/holds, please don’t ask.


To order or to get on the mailing list,



I also have almost everything listed on Discogs for those who don’t like mailorder:



Soon to be released:

Zpektraellotaen – In Confination of My Gestalt Hell

Limited to 40 tapes.   preview track


Nihil Invocation – The Valleys Green and Journeys Mourned

Limited to 60 tapes.   preview track

20180207_151937 (1)



Soon to be in stock:

From Black Gangrene:

-Obskuritatem – Vampirska Kakofonija pro-tape (Black Gangrene, reissue blood red tape)  $8

-Obskuritatem ‎– U kraljevstvu mrtvih… pro-tape (Black Gangrene, reissue white tape)  $8

-Orgy of Carrion – s/t pro-tape (Black Gangrene)  $8

-Voyeur’s Blood – s/t pro-tape (Black Gangrene)  $8

-Vrasësimendur – Demo I – Vrasëspërtkh Keqen (Black Gangrene)  $8



From Lampshade Tapes:

-Witchmoon – Spectral Shadows tape (Lampshade Tapes, ltd 60)  $7  (no sample)





Logo done by Cycas Grove Art



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