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Next to be released:



Nightly Fog – Tenebrous   tape   (Funeral Maelstrom, ltd 66)

projek fog tape

full release



Megalith Grave / Nihil Invocation – Malicious Curses Reached in Drawing Night  tape   (Funeral Maelstrom, ltd 66)    $5.50


Second press on black tape.

full release



Nihil Invocation – Time And Death   tape  (Funeral Maelstrom, ltd 50)    $5.50


Second press on black tape.

full release



Soon to be in stock:


Irae – Spreading The Wrath Of Satan   pro-tape   (Signal Rex)   sample

Noble Edition. 15th anniversary re-press, limited to 100 pieces.

Mons Veneris patch

Ordem Satânica / Mons Veneris – Negros Manifestos De Ordem Venusiana   pro-tape   (Harvest of Death)

Spiral Staircase – Spiral Staircase   pro-tape   (Harvest of Death)

Voëmmr ‎– Sombr Moëbrd   pro-tape   (Harvest of Death)   sample

Zalmoxis ‎– Pralayic Beheading   pro-tape   (Harvest of Death)    sample




Aiqëhahirit – Rotten Chains of Tortuous Past   pro-tape   (The Throat)   $8   [restock]   sample

A Knot Of Tongues – Calm Eyes Speak of Nostalgia   tape   (The Throat)   $7   sample

Ashen Chalice / La Torture des Ténèbres   pro-tape   (The Throat)   $8   sample

Enshroud – Demo II   tape   (Rapacious Productions)   $8   sample

Enshroud – Demo III   tape   (Rapacious Productions)   $8   sample

Enshroud – The Emergence of Crawling Shadows That Lurk Within Your Festering Soul   tape   (Rapacious Productions)   $8   sample

Grand Celestial Nightmare – The Void of Death   pro-tape   (The Throat)   $8   sample

lcbrt – incarnatie   pro-tape   (The Throat)   $8   sample

Nekrodrone – Demo IV   tape   (Independent)   $8

Nekrodrone – Demo V   tape   (Rapacious Productions)   $8   sample

Obsidian Forest – …Corrupted…    tape   (Rapacious Productions)   $8   sample

Quellinghe – Demo 3 – Onsuvere waerheit   tape   (The Throat)   $7   sample

Seer’s Fire – Snow-veiled Plains   pro-tape   (The Throat)   $8   sample

Smoke – Hier naermaels   pro-tape   (The Throat)   $8   sample




Black Cilice ‎– Banished From Time   CD   (Iron Bonehead Productions)    $10

Irae ‎– Rites Of Unholy Destruction   CD   (Tenebrd Music)   $10

Mortifera / Be Persecuted – split   CD   (Bubonic Productions)    $8

Mütiilation ‎– Black Millenium (Grimly Reborn)   CD   (Drakkar Productions)   $10

Mütiilation ‎– Remains Of A Ruined, Dead, Cursed Soul   CD   (Drakkar Productions)   $10

Mütiilation ‎– Vampires Of Black Imperial Blood   CD   (Drakkar Productions)    $10

Myrkr ‎– Offspring Of Gathered Foulness   CD   (Drakkar Productions)   $8

Vlad Tepes ‎– Anthologie Noire   double CD  (Drakkar Productions)   $12

Vlad Tepes ‎– Morte Lune   CD  (2013 non-remastered version Drakkar Productions)  $10

Vlad Tepes ‎– War Funeral March   CD   (2013 non-remastered compilation of War Funeral March and Rehearsal Winter ’93, Drakkar Productions)   $10




Vrolok – Through the Gates of Eternal Dejection     CD    (Drakkar Productions, ltd 300)    $10

Unreleased Winter 2002 Demo




Wolves Eyes – Ancient Flame (Demo IV)   tape

Wolves Eyes – Wolves of Forgotten Forests   tape

Wolves Eyes / Szarlem – “Blood of the Vanguard”    tape

Wolves Eyes / Morgennebel – Split    tape

Wolves Eyes / Heidentor – “Liberation / Rebirth”     tape



FROM CALIGO ARCANUM PRODUCTIONS:                                       

Aspergillum – Aspergillum     Pro-CDr    $8

Herxsebet ‎– Apophatic Terrains Of Southern Opposition And Sorcery  (Caligo Arcanum, ltd 100)    Pro-CDr digipack    $10    [restock]     sample

Herxsebet / Vore – Of Mist Orchids And Ritual Cave Stench  (Caligo Arcanum, ltd 50)  Pro-CDr digipack     $10      [restock]       sample (Herxsebet)    sample (Vore)

Herxsebet – Ad Bellum   (Caligo Arcanum, ltd 333)    CD     $10

Malleficarum ‎– Shadows From Walls Of Death  (Caligo Arcanum, ltd 100)  Pro-CDr digipack      $10      [restock]      sample

Tertiadvientvm – Ekimmu   (Caligo Arcanum, ltd 99)   Pro-CDr    $8

Ulfednhar ‎– El Culto A La Eternidad De Las Almas Negras   (Caligo Arcanum, ltd 33)    Pro-CDr     $8

Vfanhthore / Shadows Of Black Candlelight   (Caligo Arcanum, ltd 100)   Pro-CDr digipack      $10     [restock]      sample (Vfanhthore)    sample (Shadows of Black Candlelight)

Vfanhthore ‎– Tremebunda Calígine Regionalista   (Caligo Arcanum, ltd 500)    CD     $10     [restock]    sample




Atrium Malum – Malignant Transcendence pro-tape  (Hatework, ltd 80)

Entsetzlich – Tormentous Lamentations pro-tape  (Hatework, ltd 100)

Inbreed Aborted Divinity – Gloria Incestorum Divinum Est pro-tape  (Hatework, ltd 66)  sample

Nekrodrone – Compilation pro-tape  (Hatework, ltd 88)

Woeblood – War Totem pro-tape  (Hatework, ltd 50)


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